OC021 Cyndi – From Suicidal Depression and Eating Disorders, to Hope and Love in Recovery

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ODAAT Chat is a podcast where my guests and I talk about all things recovery. We largely focus on unpacking the issues that cause addiction and how it affects us, but also on solutions, including the 12 steps, and the exercises, teachers and ideas that contribute to recovery. There is a lot of exposure of alcoholics and addicts of all kinds from mainstream media that doesn’t seem to be from people who actually experience addiction, and frankly that really bothers me. I wanted to provide a platform so that we can tell our own stories of what it was like, what happened and what it’s like now to bring understanding to those affected by addiction.

Today’s episode is a long format interview. I’ll be talking with the lovely Cyndi. She was very courageous to be open about her struggles with depression and her eating disorder. I know these are difficult and complex issues that many people in recovery deal with on a daily basis. I am grateful to Cyndi for sharing her story, that it might help someone else realize they are not alone.

And with that, please enjoy this episode with Cyndi.

Peace & Love,


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