Kevin – 5 Years Sober, Cocaine & Alcohol Addiction, Higher Power & Fellowship

Welcome to Odaat Chat, my name is Arlina and I’ll be your host. In case you didn’t know, ODAAT stands for “one day at a time”. If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes so you don’t miss out on upcoming episodes.

You might be wondering the purpose of the podcast, and what I can tell you is that besides wanting to clear up a lot of misconceptions about addiction and recovery, I also wanted to share the teachers, ideas and exercises that have helped me on my own journey over the last 22 years that fall outside the parameters of 12 step groups.

In my intros I usually review a book or another resource and today I’d like to share a meditation app called Headspace. If you are struggling with meditation or if you are a beginner, a guided meditation can be a good place to start. And the whole point of meditation is to calm the mind and help you gain clarity of thinking. I know from my own experience, that when I practice meditation regularly, my day flows better, I am not as reactionary or impulsive. I’ve been using it for just over a year now and I highly recommend it.

You can find a link to it on my website at

In this episode I’ll be talking with Kevin. Kevin is one of those guys who is always in service. In our fellowship he has earned the nickname “The Mayor of ODAAT”. He has a talent for fostering connection and building community. Kevin shares his story of addiction, how he got sober, and how his family and life has healed and actually flourished in recovery, among many other things. He’s such a wonderful person and I’m so grateful we are friends. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

And with that, please enjoy this episode with Kevin.

Peace & Love,


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