Caitlin – From abuse, suicide attempts, and alcoholism to recovery love and healing

Welcome to Odaat Chat, my name is Arlina and I’ll be your host. In case you didn’t know, ODAAT stands for “one day at a time”. If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes so you don’t miss out on upcoming episodes.

You might be wondering the purpose of the podcast, and what I can tell you is that besides wanting to clear up a lot of misconceptions about addiction and recovery, I also wanted to share the teachers, ideas and exercises that have helped me on my own journey over the last 22 years that fall outside the parameters of 12 step groups.

I’d like to share a book recommendation: “The Language of letting go” by Melody Beattie. It’s a daily meditation book for people dealing with codependency. Honestly, it’s my opinion that if you are struggling with addiction issues, chances are you are also struggling with things like setting boundaries, powerlessness, control, and all the other issues surrounding codependency. This is a great daily reader to help remind you of ideas that help you to stay centered and peaceful. You can find a link to it on my website at

In this episode I’ll be talking with Caitlin. We go deep on this one. She was brave enough to share some of her struggles with depression and suicide and how she came back from the abyss to lead a happy and productive life of recovery and service.

There will be show notes on the website and an opportunity for you to leave comments and feedback.

And with that, please enjoy this episode with Caitlin!

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