Eric – 3 DUI’s, Family Tragedy, Drug Smuggling, Recovery and Living Mindfully

If you are new here, this is a podcast where my guests and I talk about how to recovery from alcoholism and addiction. We largely focus on unpacking the issues that cause addiction and how it affects us, but also on the solutions that contribute to long term recovery.

The goal of the podcast is to help people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and we are reaching people in 33 countries now! I get email regularly from people who have shared how guests have touched their lives with courageous and honest stories of how they have overcome their addictions. These stories helped them feel connected and given them hope for recovery.

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Today my guest is the super fabulous and charming Eric Sims. He shares his story of growing up in Dallas Ft. Worth, TX or as they say, the DFW., He talks about his troubled youth, drug smuggling escapades, his father’s suicide, 3 DUI’s, his own family struggles and just when all hope was lost, how he was finally able to hear the message of recovery. Eric has since dedicated his life to helping others through several organizations, demonstrating that there is always hope for recovery.

How to connect with Eric:
Personal Website:
Coaching sites: where we leverage coaching and an amazing program we created called Life By Design to work with people from all walks of life. corporate and performance based training to work with high level performers leveraging my recovery experience in the corporate environment and finances.
New Youtube podcast channel for #AskALC soon to be on iTunes :
Instagram: coach_esims
Twitter: @EricSimsEffect

So without further adu, please enjoy this episode with Eric!

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