Jeff – Living with Tourettes, Losing His Wife & Getting Sober

Today’s episode has the potential to not only cause a little controversy but could potentially get me banned on iTunes!

I deliberated with those I trust on how much to censor this episode but in the end, I decided not to. I may also make an edited version available, but I haven’t decided yet.

The reason for all this positioning is that today’s guest is my new friend Jeff, and he has Tourettes syndrome. If you’re not familiar, Tourettes presents as uncontrollable outbursts of swear words, or body movement or ticks. Jeff has the swear word kind.

While I can comfortably swear like a sailor, there’s one word that makes me cringe, and that’s the N word. And that’s the word, among a few others that come out.

What I decided to do was to go ahead and publish the episode as is, so please consider this fair warning if you are easily offended.

Jeff was kind enough to come on the podcast to share his story, which is ultimately a story of struggle and triumph. He has lived with Tourettes all his life, suffered through addiction, lost his wife of 19 years, but he is now in recovery for nearly a year. I am grateful to Jeff for being brave enough to share his story.

Without further delay, please enjoy this episode, with Jeff

Peace & Love,


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