Chris – Sober 29 Years, Cocaine, Alcoholism, Dealing with Depression and Sponsorship

This is a podcast where my guests and I talk about recovering from addiction. We largely focus on unpacking the issues that cause addiction and how it affects us, but also on solutions, including the 12 steps, the habits, teachers and ideas that contribute to long term recovery.

There is a lot of mainstream media exposure of alcoholics and addicts of all kinds, but doesn’t always from people who actually experience addiction, and frankly that really bothers me. I created this platform so that we can tell our own stories of what it was like, what happened and what it’s like now to bring understanding and most importantly, connection and community to those affected by addiction.

Today’s episode is with Chris, who is currently traveling the country, in his RV called Furtherer. He’s documenting his trip by writing on his blog called and providing beautiful images through his photography. We talked about anynimity, sponsorship, and his moment of clarity. Chris also shares his story of alcoholism, drug addiction and how he changed it all 29 years ago. It’s proof that we can break the cycle of addiction and lead meaningful, prodctive lives.

So with that, please enjoy this conversation with Chris!

Peace & Love,


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One thought on “Chris – Sober 29 Years, Cocaine, Alcoholism, Dealing with Depression and Sponsorship

  1. The most useful gem in this podcast for me was to listen to the advice I want to give to other people and follow it myself! Holy Cow! It’s like the universe has been trying to communicate to me all along, but I had a way of filtering it out by telling myself ” This must mean someone else, not me.” Thank You!

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