Beth – Childhood Trauma, Alcoholism, Benefits of Therapy and Helping Others

Beth – Childhood Trauma, Alcoholism, Benefits of Therapy and Helping Others

Normally I share books, but the resource I’d like to share is actually from today’s guest, Beth Killough. If you love animals and specifically horses, you are going to love this one. Beth is the owner of Take a Chance Ranch, and facilitator of the Circle Up Experience which has been profiled on TV shows and many other publications. The Circle Up Experience is a leadership training program which uses horses to guide the participants to learn deeper lessons about themselves and the people in their lives. I’m not going to be able to do it justice here, so please visit the website at the circle up and watch the videos. It’s truly amazing to witness the insights people get by going though the process.

Today’s episode is a long format interview. I’ll be talking with Beth about her childhood, some of the events, good and bad, that set the stage for addiction and eventual recovery. For me personally, there have been times when I hear people’s stories and I’m left feeling shocked they survived. This was one of those conversations. Beth is very transparent, authentic and so open about her experiences and for that I’m grateful. I feel like a better person for having shared this time with her and I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

And with that, please enjoy this episode with Beth.

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